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Impromptu Pizza Lunch

I had a hankering for pizza today, but it’s too far to town to pick one up and there are no deliveries here in the country.  I took stock of the fridge and here’s what I came up with.  Don’t judge me.  I was desperate!  LOL Leftover hotdog buns from the 4th Ketchup Garlic andContinue Reading

Finished! Bailey’s Crossing is complete…

and on its way to the quilter.  My camera didn’t capture but a couple of photos, but I’ll be sure and post more when it returns.  Can’t wait for you to see the back!                

Bailey’s Crossing is Coming Along Quite Nicely….

Bailey’s Crossing is Coming Along Quite Nicely….

This pattern is so sweet.  I love the way it came together.  Strip quilts are certainly a breeze compared to other styles of blocks.  I had all four blocks done in about an hour (not counting organizing the strips for each block).  Yay for paper piecing!   I used a Wrens and Friends Jelly RollContinue Reading

A Little Sidetrack Today…..

I had planned on starting the blocks for Bailey’s Crossing today, but got sidetracked by yardwork. Not my favorite activity, but when you have 10 acres and almost 7 of it has to be mowed, every three weeks isn’t so bad.  When you remember.  Which I didn’t.  Very disappointed I missed the quilting time today,Continue Reading

Setting up to Foundation Paper Piece 20″ blocks

This is a first for me.  20″ blocks are not the norm around this studio.  LOL  However, the Bailey’s Crossing pattern calls for just that and I am excited to get started. I cut my packing paper to 21 inches so I would have a little room to cut the block down to its finalContinue Reading

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