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Best Lasagna EVAHHH…

I had a hankering for lasagna yesterday, but no ingredients and no desire to drive to the store (I live in the country and the store is a long way from home).   I had to go to town anyway this morning so I popped into the grocery and picked up ingredients for lasagna.  YouContinue Reading

There are 417 Words in this Post…

but am I grabbing your attention?  Tip Number Four! How much content to add to a blog post is probably one of the most troublesome decisions to make.  There isn’t an exact science that says 200 words or 2000 words is the right length of a post.  So let’s look at the elements that makeContinue Reading

Use Pictures…

Use Pictures…

Tip Number Three. That’s it.  Use pictures. They speak a thousand words.

Write what you like to read….

Tip Number Two.   Write for yourself first and an audience second.  If you aren’t super excited about what you are writing about, readers will know it.  Fast.  Like…really fast!  When I encounter a blog like that, I immediately turn it off and move on to the blog where the writer seems passionate about whatContinue Reading

Spelling Spelling Spelling and Good Grammar Thrown in for Good Measure…

This is the first post in my series of Top 10 tips for increasing your blogging skills. Now don’t think that I am a great blogger (because I’m not) and that’ I’m sharing some type of earth shaking new perspective that will guarantee your blogging success (because it won’t). Really, these tips are reminders to myself of whatContinue Reading

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